About Julie

I was recently reading a magazine article that described a particular sort of woman as “blurtatious”–that is, a woman who thinks and speaks quickly; whose emotions are close to the surface; and who enjoys a good round of verbal sparring.

I’m Julie Ovenell-Carter, and I am that sort of woman.

I am currently Director, Communications in Communications & Marketing at the University of British Columbia on the beautiful West Coast of Canada.

I write for a living, which means I often end up telling other people’s stories. This is a place to tell my own stories.

Thanks for visiting and if you want to get in touch, start with Twitter (@julieoc) or email: julie [dot] ovenellcarter [at] gmail [dot] com.

One thought on “About Julie

  1. Lynna G says:

    Wonderful post. I shall drop by here again.

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