Tears, beers or babies

When it comes to online relationships, it’s too easy to confuse the fact that you once chatted with someone in the other bathroom stall at a conference with actual friendship.

So I have devised a simple formula to determine whether I can reasonably accept your friend request on Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever.

Tears, beers or babies. Simple as that.

If we haven’t cried over marriage or mortality together; if we haven’t hoisted one (too many) high at some unpretentious local; if we haven’t laughed or boasted or worried together about the fruit of our respective loins…well then, I’m probably not that into you.

But hey, be honest: without a couple of encounters based on any of the above scenarios, you’re probably not that smitten with me either.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m totally game to make new friends. In fact, I never want to stop making new friends.

But let’s do each other a favour and get to know each other a little better IRL before we start swearing blood oaths online, ok?

If you want to get started, I favour a craft-brewed IPA…;-)


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5 thoughts on “Tears, beers or babies

  1. Rose Chimera says:

    I gotta say, your post is actually pretty funny to me. Why? Because I add people on my FB based on those 3 critiria. I don’t have any desire to have my “friend” count high into the stratosphere…what for? The hoisting of adult beverages being the primary reason…lol!!!! Drink enough we’ll all best friends even though we met an hour ago, right?

  2. Kathryn says:

    My rule has always been that if I have to ask someone else how I know someone the someone I’m asking about probably doesn’t rank as a friend. I like a nice craft ESB and I know a few places in my ‘hood to get one. Date??

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